Allens of Mayfair
Mount Street, Mayfair, London
Probably the most stunning looking premises for a butchers you'll see. Scotch Beef from the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland, hung for 21 days. OL
Big range of Pork cuts and Pork products. OL
Range of Pork cuts from Cornwall. OL
Norfolk butcher offering cuts of locally reared Pork. MO
Sell a wide array of Pork cuts. OL
Ballardsfield Farm
Brighton, Nr Ladock, Truro, Cornwall
Top quality Pork from Cornish bred Gloucestershire Old Spots. OL
Sell a range of Pork cuts from local pigs. MO
online only
Offer Scottish Iron Age Pork. Iron Age pig is Tamworth / Wild Boar cross. OL
Offer popular and speciality cuts of Pork. OL
Chesnut Meats
Tarporley, Cheshire
Half pigs or Pork cuts from a range of rare breed Pigs; Tamworth's, Saddleback's, Large Black's, Pietrain's and Landrace. OL
Cloughbane Farm Foods whats new logo
Pomeroy, Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland
Buy Pork products from a Great Taste Award winning Farm Quality Assured farm in Northern Ireland. OL
Coldronbrook Meats
online only
Offer a range of Pork cuts. OL
Cornish Black Pigs
online only
Rare breed 'Cornish Blacks'. Offer Whole Suckling Pig's, Whole and Half Pigs and Pork boxes. OL
shops in Brampton, Carlisle, Hexham and Penrith
Offer prime Cumbrian Pork. OL
Free range Pork products. OL
RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust) Accredited. Meat from Tamworth pigs. MO
Devon Rose
online only
Free range, naturally reared rare breed Landrace pigs. OL
Buy quality Welsh Pork direct from the farm. MO
Buy quality pork by cuts or in a box. OL
Douglas Willis
shops in Cwmbran, Gwent
Good selection of Pork cuts from free range Woodand pigs. OL
Succulent cuts of Pork from free range pigs. OL
Offer a variety of Pork cuts. OL
Full flavoured Pork from local naturally reared Pigs. OL
Offer meats from a herd of Gloucester Old Spots. OL
Offer top quality Pork Steaks. MO
Gabbotts Direct
online only
Lincolnshire and Cheshire Pork cuts. OL
Sell Pork from gilt (female) pigs reared on an award wining Somerset farm. OL
Offer a large range of quality Pork products, including offal. OL
Great Tasting Meat Company
Poole, Nantwich, Cheshire
Wide range of Pork cuts from traditionally reared stock. OL
Happy Herefords & Tipsy Tamworths
online only
Pork from free range Tamworths and Gloucester Old Spots from a small farm on the Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire borders. OL
Sell a range of Pork products. OL
Produce cuts of meat from some of the favourite old-fashioned pig breeds. OL
Highlands Hogs
online only
Pork cuts from pedigree rare breed pigs that have been reared outdoors. OL
Isle of Man Meat
online only
Fresh Manx Pork, either in individual cuts or in selection boxes, delivered direct to your door. OL
Buy from a side of Pork to Pork mince. OL
Sell cuts of rare breed Pork from the whole pig to a chop. OL
Large varied range of cuts of Pork from an RSPCA Freedom Foods accredited farm. MO
Locally bred free range Pork cuts. MO
Use naturally raised Scottish Pork. OL
Pork products recognised by the RSPCA's Freedom Foods scheme. OL
Marbled Meat Co.
online only
Offer Pork from a herd of Tamworth pigs. MO
Finest quality cuts of Pork. OL
Offer Pork cuts and whole or half pigs. OL
Meridian Meats
Shop in Eastgate, Louth
Home to the BBC's Young Butcher of the Year 2009 - Jim Sutcliffe. Offer Pork cuts from Berkshire, Saddleback, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Welsh as well as Saddleback Welsh cross pigs. OL
Midgham Pigs
online only
Free range Gloucestershire Old Spots reared on a family farm on the side of the Avon valley, close to the New Forrest. MO
Naturally reared Pork from a family run farm. MO
Orchard Farm
Hindringham, Norfolk
Pork cuts from a herd of traditional and naturally raised Gloucester Old Spots. OL
Free range Pork cuts direct from a Dorset farm. MO
Specialise in the old English White Pig, the specialist Pork pig of the 1930's.
Sell meat by boxes - a box is half a pig. MO
Offer half a free range pig. MO
Buy half a pig cut to portions of your choice. OL
Offer Pork from additive free Pigs which are hung for two weeks. OL
Pork from a farm accredited by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. MO
Buy Pork boxes and Pork offal from award winning farm. MO
Top quality Pork from a farm in West Fife. MO
Offer quality cuts from naturally reared free range Suffolk Pork. OL
Offer cuts of free range locally bred Pork. OL
Radley Farm Shop
online only
Free range, Rare breed Pork from pedigree Berkshire, Gloucester Old Spot and Saddleback pigs. OL
Meat from rare breeds such as Large Black, British Lop and Saddleback. MO
Good range of prime Pork cuts. OL
Roaming Roosters
online only
Buy free range Gloucester Old Spot Pork from the heart of Pendle, Lancashire. Roasting joints, steaks, prime cuts or Pork boxes. OL
Offer Middle White Pork Leg and Loin boned joints. MO
Offer a prime Pork box containing most of the common cuts. OL
Somerset Farmhouse
Shop in North Street, Williton, Somerset
Free range Pork, matured for 7 days. OL
Good range of Pork cuts from naturally reared Somerset pigs. OL
Taste Tradition Ltd
online only
Naturally reared Gloucester Old Spot's and Saddleback pigs for Suckling Pig, Porchetta, and other Pork cuts. OL
Offer cuts from Free Range Pigs. OL
The Devon Meat Company
online only
Meat from free range Saddleback Pigs. OL
Large range of choice Pork cuts and Pork products from pigs given a stress free life.. OL
Todenham Manor Farm
online only
Pork cuts from woodland reared Middle White, Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot pigs. OL
Uncle Henry's
Grayingham Grange Farm, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
Multi ward winning Pork products from Hampshire Breed pigs. OL
Good range of organic Pork cuts. OL

Westin Gourmet
online only

Pork cuts from naturally reared pigs.
Buy fresh port joints or sides of Pork direct from the farm. MO
Woodland Pigs
online only
Offer Pork products from free roaming Woodland Pigs; Iron Age, Tamworth, Gloucester Old Spot and White. MO
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